Friday, December 30, 2011

Dec 28-30 -- Rear Spar and Ribs

Puttered at replacing the parts that I messed up the other day, and some "work work" that ate almost two full days. Then went back to the main wing ribs to make certain that they were square in all dimensions. Used a machinist's square, the flanging tool, and also a fluting tool.

Oh, and you can see my high-end storage approach to the spars. Am still trying to avoid building the stand for these spars, in hopes that my garage will somehow get bigger via positive thinking.

Next up is drilling holes for conduit in the ribs. But first I need to figure out how many conduit and pitot runs are required for all the various systems. Realized today that I even need to pick out an autopilot, because its time to install servo mounting brackets. Leaning towards a Dynon, but am going to bounce this off others before deciding.

Lots of deferred decisions are suddenly rearing their heads. Suppose that's a sign of progress!

Total Time: 5 hours

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