Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dec 31 - Jan 1, 2012 -- Work on Ribs

Slowing up to do some research, because all of the sudden I am being bit by lack of planning ahead. For example, it's time to have an autopilot servo; however I haven't even evaluated the various choices.

Also time to drill holes for wiring in the wings. Many people run a single conduit; however I am running at least two in order to keep electrically noisy runs (strobes) away from things like antennas. Also need to consider how to service the not-yet-selected autopilot servo, which will be mounted short of all the way out there in the wingtip. Ordered some bushings to install in the holes, drilled holes that are too small for the bushings (just in case they don't work out).

Should I even run conduit? It's made from material not allowed in certified planes, and frankly I just don't trust it not to cause issues. Won't wire laying loose in there chafe from vibration? Lots to decide. Soon.

So each rib now has two 3/4" holes. One key learning along the way: Unibit (the actual brand) bits rock. Harbor Freight knock-offs suck.

Finally, also created a tool to measure aileron alignment later.

Total Time: 5 hours

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