Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec 19-27 -- Rear Spar

Been working on the rear spar for days, yet it seemed so simple...

Initial challenge was priming parts outside in the dark. A total of five nights -- each time going back to touch up one more spot. Finally had some daytime on Dec 23rd when I came home early. Should have just waited :)

Then there was the matter of working on the plane while quite sick with a bad cold that made me woozy. Lesson learned: don't.

So I also managed to screw up a couple of parts, which I am now waiting for from Van's. These were installed and looked very nice indeed! Until I discovered (a) a missing row of dimples, and (b) that I has countersunk the wrong holes in the doubler. Oh well, now an expert at drilling out rivets...

These are the parts that are in the top of the lower right photo. New parts will be here in a day or two.

Total time: 6 hours

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