Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jun 26 -- Install Trim Tab Hinge & Threaded Rod

Short session today, because it was a spectacular Sunday in Western Washington so Michael Beare and I went flying in his Luscombe.

In order to insert the servo into the access opening, you need to power it up to move the screw to the extreme "trim up" position. Great, except that I forgot about this (a day passed), so I cut the stainless 8/32" threaded rod to the wrong length.

Picked up a new threaded rod for the trim servo, installed that, and trimmed the edge of the trim tab (is that recursive?) where it was hitting the elevator when positioned at an extreme "down" angle. Also bent the hinge pin per the photo below, in order that it can be safety-wired to the elevator. The safety wire will be installed later.

Total Time: 1.5 hours

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