Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jun 22 -- Install Trim Tab

I didn't post Sunday's work on the elevator, where I redrilled one rivet twenty times. In the end I stuck a pop rivet in the hole :(

Tonight was different. Attached the trim tab to the elevator and am pleased with how it came out, per the photos below.

Some tips for others:
  • I left extra material on the left end of the half of the hinge that attaches to the elevator. That way right-left adjustment could be controlled by jamming the end against the corner of the trim tab cutout on the elevator, and I simply sanded it down to get the exact spacing that I wanted. This eliminated trying to control two dimensions at once as I clamped things up.
  • Others started drilling holes at one end and working their way along the hinge, with a cleco in each hole that they drilled. I carefully drilled one hole in from each end, and then drilled a couple in the middle before splitting the difference on the rest of the holes. Kept the trim tab in place the entire time, in order to prevent the half that I was working on from sagging.

Time Sunday: 5 hours
Time Today: 2.5 hours

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