Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 22 - Finish Rudder Leading Edge

This was a tough weekend to work on the plane, thanks to competing activities (Luscombe, work, and Karin's Prius' battery dying).

Main thing that I completed was the leading edge of the rudder, complete with pop rivets.

Started by rolling the edges some more around a 3/4" pipe. The online blogs seemed in agreement that each of the three separate sections needs to be rolled separately. Sure enough, went a lot better that way. In fact I was too aggressive in one place and had to back things off again.

Wavy edges are better, but not perfect. At least they won't be visible! Overall the rudder has more blemishes that I expected -- but it's still safe and very functional.

Still need to install the trailing edge and also the counterbalance weight and rib.

I also made a jig to drill the trailing edges of the elevators. Will save that write-up for later.

Total Time (not including making the jig): 1.5 Hours

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