Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20 -- Rudder Skin

Today the replacement parts showed up for the elevator trailing edge, along with some ProSeal to glue the trailing edge of both the rudder and elevator. Put all that aside to continue working on the rudder skin.

First I noticed that the rivets I squeezed yesterday we about 0.001" too small on the shop head, so I re-squeezed them.

Next I squeezed a couple of rivets in the elevator horn that needed a different yoke on the pneumatic squeezer.

Finally, I used a pipe with Karin's assistance to roll the leading edge of the rudder. I am not happy with the result, so stopped to look at other builder websites and learn how they did this. Great info online -- sooooo much better than the last two planes I tried to build!

While I now have great ideas for tomorrow, I made the mistake of trying an edge-rolling tool on the leading edge. Going to need to unwind the mess I made -- however (fortunately) this edge will all be hidden once the plane is completed.

Still need to install the counterweight and counterweight rib. Expect the screws tomorrow.

Total Time: 1.5 Hours

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