Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18 -- Start Skinning Rudder

Waiting on parts for the elevator, so I switched back to the rudder. Quite a while back I set the rudder aside because someone was promising an anti-tail-wag trim kit. That never materialized, so it was time...

Initial riveting was the area where the counterbalance rib and skin all meet. Note to others: the instructions call for the lead weight to be installed prior to this riveting. But the weight should go in after the first few rivets, because it interferes with bucking. Of course I bunged up a Phillips head screw getting the weight out, so now I need to order a couple of real odd-balls: AN509-10R16.

Dinking around with that weight and a couple of bad rivets ate an hour :(

Total Time: 1.5 hours

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