Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project for Sale

This is the last thing I hoped to post; however medical issues dictate that I sell the project. Here's the skinny, and of course this website has enough detail to see all the minutiae of the build to date.

The Condensed Version of the Facts

  • RV Model: RV-9/9A Standard-Build kit
  • Builder number: 93150
  • Location: Seattle Area
  • Price: $5,500 for fast sale. Note that purchasing an untouched kit from the factory would cost $8940 ($1750 for the empennage, and $7215 for the wing kit)
  • I am forced to sell due to medical issues, and can assure folks that this is the last thing I planned to do.
    It is a slow-build kit that consists of the empennage (completed, except for fiberglass tips), and the wing kit. Just one wing has any appreciable work completed, as you can see in the various build log photos. So you can build it with the third wheel on the proper end, as your religion dictates.
  • I purchased the empennage kit, untouched, from another person and have personally completed all work to date.
  • Took delivery on the wings by driving to the factory in spring of 2011. No work done in 2012 thanks to business travel, and then medical issues.
  • Because the kit came uncrated, you will need to pick up in Seattle (or more precisely, Redmond) WA

Contact Info
Mike Culver
mculver at extencia dot com
Prefer that folks call evenings or weekends, before 10 PM PST (Seattle)


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