Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov 10 - Building a Paint Booth

The blog, and the RV project, have been quiet since the beginning of the year. There are three reasons for that: business travel, a bathroom remodel project that is affectionately known as "Bathroomgedon", and re-skinning the Luscombe vertical stab and rudder.

So while the paint booth will be for the RV project eventually, at the moment it's really for the Luscombe. Used 1" PVC and then covered with 3.5 mil polyethylene. Of course even this progress has been slow. Last weekend a failed seal on the BMW's rear door gave way, which resulted in 2-3" of water inside the car after a hard rainstorm. This weekend I have to travel to Boston on Sunday.

So status is that the booth is built, but no air filters are installed, and no painting so far. Hopefully it won't become a huge condensation chamber while I am away. For that matter, hopefully it won't blow away...

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