Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30 -- Left Elevator and Trim Tab

Been forever since I worked on the project. The Luscombe annual, followed by a trip to Europe for close to a month conspired... And now a deck refinishing project lurks. Couldn't finish it last summer thanks to neck surgery. Not to mention that the drill press is in pieces for a long-overdue overhaul.

At any rate some modest progress.

On the elevator, I drilled the trailing edge wedge, also known as the apex wedge. Learned a lot on previous attempts, so this time I used angle iron for the trailing edge to keep everything lined up. Also used the new battery-operated drill for countersinking. Slow speeds really help with control.

The trim tab is starting to come together, although I did have some issues thanks to dimpling. See the photos for where the dimple die interfered with the bent tab at the end of the trim tab. Had to do some repairs, so back into the clamping blocks...

I also went off plans with standard rivets in place of the pop rivets on the plans. Hoping that there are no issues when it comes time to squeeze them (doubt there will be as long as I perform this operation before inserting some internal foam ribs). Also dimpled and primed the forward trim tab spar.

Hard to believe; however this was:

Total Time Today: 5 hours

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