Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 - Finish Table, Air Compressor Drain

Actually most of the day was spent doing taxes -- takes an average of 3-4 weekends each year to complete them, due to complexity.

Two RV-related projects today. The first was finishing another worktable, per yesterday's blog post. The table is in the spirit of EAA chapter 1000's drawings, with two significant deviations. First, I used 2x3 lumber instead of 2x4. A bunch lighter, and still sturdy. Second, I have so much lumber in the garage that I scavenged from that supply rather than use new lumber (with the exception of most of the 2x3 pieces). But this is getting frustrating -- no matter how hard I hit the wood supply in the garage, there is still too much left! The newest table is the one farthest from the camera in the photo.

Second, I went to Home Depot to pick up come galvanized pipe and make the air compressor tank easier to drain. The built-in drain required getting down on my knees at the end of each session, so I added an easy-to-reach ballcock valve. Saw that a number of people on Van's Air Force made this same modification. The result rests on the floor, so I need to think about whether or not to elevate the compressor in order to avoid stress fractures caused by the galvanized pipe contacting the floor while the compressor is running (and in turn causing a lot of vibration).

These are both important additions to the shop -- even though neither was directly responsible for forward progress on the project.

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