Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20 -- New Table

Started out the day by laying out lines to drill the HS-908 brackets, then went to the airport for some Luscombe fun.

The airport outing began with 90 minutes of polishing under the LH stabilizer and elevator. Yuk, nasty and right above my face -- but there was a lot of surface corrosion, so this was important.

Then off to Pt. Townsend for lunch, or more correctly apple pie and a milkshake. Miserable day for flying -- 1000 FPM down in spots and rotor in others. And this was over the Sound!

Back at home, I started building a second table because the horizontal stabilizer needs a longer table to build on. (More correctly, I need two tables end-to-end in order to hold the parts. Got 75% of the way thru the table.

5 Hours (1 on HS-908, 4 on table)

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