Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov 12 -- Start Wing Spars

Big day in that the two wing spars, which had been leaning against the garage wall since last April, finally slid out of their plastic bags to join the project. They are supposed to be hung on a wing stand; however I am delaying that day until really needed, because the stands burn up a lot of real estate in the garage.

Once out, I also opened up the many hardware bags of rivets, screws, and fittings. Tucked each of them away in a wall-storage bin with clear plastic drawers. Hopefully the parts organization is logical enough to find the parts when needed later.

And finally the first couple of nutplate rivet holes were countersunk.

Below are photos that are mostly for the records -- and that show the hand-etched serial numbers of each spar.

Total Time: 7 Hours

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