Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 26 -- Work on Right Elevator

The project just sat for a long time, thanks to work -- which included multiple trips, culminating in an around-the-world trip to Singapore and then India. Would have preferred to stay home and build the plane; however work is what it is...

No pics -- just worked on more internal parts and dimpling. Am not following the instructions closely, because they called for installation of the stiffeners before the parts I am currently working on. However that approach seems like it will simply get in the way of dimpling. (Others have blogged about similar deviations.)

Tomorrow it's off to Portland to check out a project that is much farther along -- and is for sale. Not convinced that I will purchase it, thus continued work on my empennage.

Work is going to get even crazier in the coming months. Not certain that I will even have time to go out to the garage to look at the project.

Total time today: 2.5 hours

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