Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9 -- Countersink Horizontal Spars

Been a few weeks since any activity on the project. Was getting ready to fly the Luscombe to Columbia, CA for our annual event, had to perform the annual on it, and spent a week in Vegas working (Vegas == YUK!).

Finally today I was able to finish match-drilling the new HS-908 bracket and also counter-sink the front spars. Still need to drill the rear ones, but also need to get some work work done this evening.

Been a not-so good weekend though. Saturday I took off in the Luscombe, and just after announcing my intentions and lifting off, I smelled burning electric smells. Radio is now dead, and it smells like the burning was inside of it. Off to the shop Monday AM.

Today was spectacular! Karin and I went hiking this afternoon, and I suffered a severe asthma attack, and was unable to reach the destination -- a mere 1-1/2 miles total each way. Last time I had one of these was in the eighties, so probably need to look into the correlation between asthma and even-numbered decades...

Total time today: 4 hours

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